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Mother's Day Gift Box


Last order: April 28, 2017 (Friday)


This year's Mother's Day is May 14, 2017 (Sunday)

It's time for you to thank your mother who took her time caring for you and help you through your life's challenge. Celebrate Mother's Day by showing your appreciation for your mother by giving her this heartwarming gift.

This gift includes your choice of 2 kinds of cookie, one fragrance lavender sachet, 5 bags of our premium tea and a complimentary Mother’s Day card, all in one nicely wrapped tin box.

Our handmade cookies use only the finest ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial flavoring. They are light on sugar and rich in flavor, then baked to the right perfection.

$40 each and shipping is extra for local Canadian delivery.

Free delivery to Hong Kong

*Hong Kong free delivery will handle by Hong Kong Postal Service and expected to deliver on or after May 13, 2017.

To place your order, please email your order to




Choices of cookies
Almond Cranberry Cake
Almond Tuile
New! Black Sesame Matcha Cookie
New! Butter Shortbread
Cardamom Pistachio Cookie
Chocolate Almond Cookie
Classic Shortbread
Cranberry Hazelnut Cookie
Earl Grey Cookie
Best seller! Lavender Shortbread
Best seller! Macadamia Nut Ginger Cookie
Macadamia Nut White Chocolate Cookie
Marble Cookie
Matcha Financier
Parmesan Shortbread
Pink Peppercorn Chocolate Cookie
Rosemary Raisin Cookie
New! Sakura Shortbread
Sandwiched Sugar Cookie
Walnut Crisp
Walnut Sandies

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